Wednesday 24 February 2021

cells are produced during the gametophyte stage of a plant's life cycle ?

Q. What special types of cells are produced during the gametophyte stage of a plant's life cycle ?

... Answer is A). Happoid gametes

A gametophyte is a stage in the life cycle of plants and algae that undergo alternation of generations. It is a haploid multicellular organism that develops from a haploid spore that has one set of chromosomes. The gametophyte is the sexual phase in the life cycle of plants and algae. It develops sex organs that produce gametes, haploid sex cells that participate in fertilization to form a diploid zygote in which cach cell has two sets of chromosomes. Cell division of the zygote results in a new diploid multicellular organism, the second stage in the life cycle known as the sporophyte, the function of which is to produce haploid spores by meiosis.


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