Sunday 21 February 2021

1. The process of using microorganisms and plants to break down or recycle environmental pollutants is called :

... Answer is B) Bioremediation

Bioremediation is a natural process that involves the use of biological entities to neutralize the contaminated site. According to the United States EPA, bioremediation is a "treatment that uses naturally occurring organisms to break down hazardous substances into less toxic or non toxic substances". Technologics can be generally classified as in situ or ex situ. In situ bioremediation involves treating the contaminated material at the site, while ex situ involves the removal of the contaminated material to be treated elsewhere. Some examples of bioremediation related technologies are phytoremediation, bioventing, bioleaching, landfarming, bioreactor, composting, bioaugmentation, rhizofiltration, and biostimulation.

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